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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Regreso a Sevilla

Scenes on the road from Ronda to Seville

From Ronda, we made a direct beeline north-west for Seville to catch our afternoon flight out to Barcelona.

A distant Saracen fortress

Sunflower heaven and cubical hay bales in the near desert

After a concerted drive we made it there with only three hours until our flight, so we raced to the city centre to try to get a quick look at a few of the key sights.

A series of images of the Plaza de Espana and the Exposition Hall

Panorama of the Plaza de Espana and the Exposition Hall

However the one-way traffic system and the difficult parking conditions keep us bottled up for a full 40 minutes leaving me only a 20 minute margin to stump over the the Alcazar and cathedral and take a few critical shots outside, having already photographed the great exhibition hall and a few other sights on the way. I've made up for this by selecting a representative set of shots of the interiors of the Alcazar and cathedral to complete the urban experience as much as possible. There is a high quality photo blog of the Alcazar and Cathedral here.

The vicinity of the Cathedral and Alcazar

The Alcazar

The Cathedral

Christopher Colombus

Plaza de Toros

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