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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Trip Costing and Back to the Future

To complete the 2010 blog I have done a short costing and included a retrospective chapter "Time Travel in Bali" linking our first trip to Bali in 1974 with the latest one a few weeks ago in 2010 visiting some of the same places spaced 36 years apart. I have also expanded Streaking through Greece to include more photo coverage, particularly of Corfu, so the entire journey is fully documented, and done a flashback of my visit to Jerusalem in 2000 to contrast it with the visit we just completed.

Here is a short costing of the 2010 trip so you can see how the expenses panned out:

Total Costs for 2 people 90 days travel = $25416.84 NZ
($1 NZ = $0.71 US)

Transport all sources $17640.91 comprising:
Quantas One World 16 stop air ticket $9690.40
Other linking air bookings $3148.52
Greek Ferries $456.48
Rental Cars $2208.23
Bus/Taxi/Metro/Petrol $2137.28

Accommodation $3682.34
Itemized Large Expenses (visas, textiles, exit taxes, site entry) $1469.00
Food and incidentals $2151.96

Trip capital
Cash $4348.27
ATM $5185.47
Credit Cards ex Quantas ticket $6192.69

Travel Insurance Costs and Claim
Medical Expenses (fractured hip) $9082.88
Insurance Payout $8626.12
Medical shortfall $456.76
Stolen Camera $410

The blogging journey now travels on from here to a new assignment "Asia in Ninety Days" - completing in full photo coverage our 90 day journey through Asia in 2006, to give you a whole new traveling experience!

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