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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Priego de Cordoba

Approaching Priego de Cordoba in the evening

We then took off over the mountains on a little back road reaching Priego de Cordoba at sunset, finding that the camp site was supposed to be closed and after driving through finding the youth hostel closed and the only backpackers inaccessible down a side alley with no parking, finally succumbed to driving up into the mountains and gypsy camping in the moonlight on a mountain hilltop which proved in the morning to be overlooking a huge old castle and sweeping views of the mountains.

Scenes on the way there

The gypsy campsite above Zagrilla Alto

Distant castle from the campsite

Zagrilla Alto

Next morning, after wandering through Priego, which was charming, and recharging our caffeine at a cafe and watching the news that the 45 degree heat was becoming lethal in Madrid, and failing to find a free internet, we finally managed to get a booking for a hostel for tomorrow night for our two nights in Barcelona, by going to an internet cafe. The reservation was becoming a crisis because of he lack of internet access and the fact that Barcelona proved to be 99% booked out days in advance, taking out all the hostels in Lonely Planet, even for the dorms.

Panorama of the overlook from Priego promenade

The park facing the promenade

The Barrio de la Villa is the old Arab district with a strong Jewish presence

The calle is named after the Jewish philosopher Maimonedes

Calle Petunia

Panorama of the castle walls

The Church

The one hostel we could find the evening before had no available parking

The famous fountain Fuente del Rey or Fountain of the King

We then headed as fast as possible across country to Ronda, flagging Granada because we hate the big cities in this blazing heat. However for those of you who lament for the Alhambra in this Andalucian tour here is a sumptuous high resolution image set at Wikipedia's Alhambra site.

Scenes on the road to Ronda

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